Nightmare Therapy E​.​P

by PanicByFlare

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Debut E.P released January 2014


released January 31, 2014



all rights reserved


PanicByFlare Dundee, UK

"Upbeat melodic driving pop punk/post hardcore...super-hooky Alkaline Trio/Rise Against-esque bangers" - Make That A Take Records

"A powerful brew of pop-punk on the heavier side, with neat choppy choruses for good measure." - Andy G [Radio Angus]

Marc Holden - Guitar/Vocals
Ally Kelly - Bass/Vocals
Blaine Vaughan - Drums
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Track Name: Filter
Tell us how you plan to kill free speech,
It's hard enough to tell what's right and wrong.
Make sure you can practice what you preach,
Perhaps you'd like to prove it to us all.

Your thoughts are yours, my views are mine,
What do we become if they are filtered from our minds?
If honesty became a crime,
What would we achieve if we were lying all the time?

We all know you hate controversy,
But killing it would be unnecessary.
Talking down the vast majority,
Though everything you say fights through your teeth.
Track Name: Out With The Lights
If you can hear, if you can clench your fist,
Don't let this be your only dying wish.
Our fucked up lies are helpful to our minds,
Though we still hear your silent cries.

No one will say goodbye until they're turning out the lights,
In our hearts we'll suffer to believe.
I'll watch and I'll admire as you hold your head up high,
Even in despair you dare to breathe.

Wish upon a star, I'll pray to who is listening,
I promise you'll be safe and I will swear I'm always waiting.
Sedating this reality, so you can barely see,
The silhouette in front of you is me.

Time and again the memories overflow,
I wish this world would swallow me up whole.
Is this the end? I never watched you go,
Out in the cold, I walk this lonely road,
Though I'm not alone,
I still have your soul.
Track Name: Line In The Dirt
Good of our health is now at stake,
This battle's keeping me awake.
It's burning up until the end,
I won't be fooled, I won't be led.

I won't entertain your right to disguise,
The blood on your hands, the shoe-sole imprint in the sand.
Mistaking disdain for splitting my sides,
The line in the dirt has now been replaced with the hurt.

The hurt.

The protest falls upon deaf ears,
Won't digest the up and coming tears.
Angelic, thinking of your pride,
Imperfect, we all know how to lie.
Track Name: Divided Kingdom
We're not the tortured, we are the broken-hearted.
We're not the nameless, we are the bold imprinted.
We're not the murdered, we are the noise and laughter.
We're not the useless, we are the dirty workers.

We are the new age, we are the modern,
We are the old-school, we are the stubborn.
We are the heroes, we are the knighted,
We are the kingdom, we are divided.

This is a broadcast, this is a crisis,
This is a statement, this is our purpose.
This is our last fight, our big performance,
This is our kingdom, it fucking failed us.

We are the kingdom, we are the coincided.
We are the kingdom, we are the great divided,
The Divided Kingdom.
Track Name: Swear To Hell
These passing days, patiently biding my time,
The wasted nights, pleasing your troublesome mind.
Piece by piece, picking my insides apart,
Now release, the dark, shallow depths of my heart.

I swear to hell and back again, you will detest my sins,
When duty calls on my black heart, I'll crawl underneath your skin.
I'm sickened by your perfect smile, my blood, it boils in denial,
This corrupt mind will tear you apart, I swear to hell.

It pains me every day to stretch the truth and sell my soul,
I fill my glass with honesty and drink it while it's cold.
It satisfies and comforts me to say what you don't wanna hear,
No suffering, I beg you, please, just shut up and open your ears.

Swear to hell and back again, despair, I swear,
Swear to hell and back again, despair, I swear...